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Authentically Debz: A Southern Girl Looks at 70

Apr 25, 2021

 Today, for my 2nd episode of my 2nd season of my podcast 'Authentically, Debz,' I had as my guest, Brian Sachetta, author of the keenly informative book 'Get Out of Your Head, a toolkit for living with and overcoming anxiety.'  His book can be purchased on Amazon, Kindle and Audible through activating the link:

Apr 5, 2021

 On this, the first episode of my second season of "Authentically, Debz" podcast, I had as my guest Dr. Marvin Winitsky, author of the amazing book 'A Fly on the Wall, the Discovered Journals of Heinz Linge, Valet to Adolf Hitler, Volume 1.' This book can be purchased on Amazon using the following link: